Parallax Studio LLC prides itself in producing cutting-edge creative, whether for the Film/Entertainment industry or marketing endeavors. Our experience producing the video game “DARKSTAR: The Interactive Movie” provided extensive experience in producing complex interactive projects as well.

Movie poster for Everything, a feature length movie by J. Allen Williams


Animation & Film

After releasing the video game “DARKSTAR: The Interactive Movie” in November 2010, the studio added feature film and animated productions to our wheelhouse. One film, “Everything” is complete and ready for distribution, a second featuring comedian/actor Patton Oswalt titled “To Meet the Faces You Meet” is now in production.


Our bread and butter has always leaned to the Marketing side of things, but we add a cinematic and humorous touch to our client-based projects that makes them stand out in the marketplace. Clients often believe that adding animation to their marketing efforts is unaffordable, we enjoy proving them wrong and making their dreams come true.

Interactive Design

Whether it’s an interactive, data-gathering animated presentation, hi-tech website design, or a full fledged video game, Parallax Studio LLC has the in-house ability to design, create and produce anything that your imagination can visualize.

Ollis illustration for ad campaign Illustration by J. Allen Williams


  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Logo Designer
  • Video/Film Director/Producer
  • Illustrator
  • Musical Score Composer
  • Writer
  • Web Designer
  • Interactive Producer
  • Actor